September project update

The main focus for the opeNWorks project over recent months was to complete and release our toolkit.  However we’ve also had discussions with Jisc which have resulted in us realigning the original project plan to include two new focus areas.

The toolkit we produced, ‘A Guide for OA for Support Staff’, is aimed at staff new to working with OA or for whom OA is only a fraction of their role.  The content was developed in response to comments and feedback from workshop attendees and staff from some of the opeNWorks partner institutions.  The toolkit can be accessed via Jorum ( or the recent post on the opeNWorks project blog (

We’ve also revised our project plan to reflect the realignment and allocated tasks to each of the partner institutions.  In year two of the project we will continue to develop a North West community of good OA practice but will also be investigating ‘approaches to deposit’ and producing a report benchmarking OA support services, two areas of interest that emerged from recent work commissioned by Jisc.

The decision to realign means that the project will not now organise an OA conference but a regional exchange of experience event will be hosted at the University of Manchester in 2016.

Over the next few months we will be busy data gathering, carrying out case study interviews, and creating an online hub to support the NW community of good OA practice.  We’ll provide updates via the opeNWorks blog during this period.

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