Welcome to the opeNWorks Pathfinder Project

Aims, Objectives and Final Outputs of the project

opeNWorks will share good practice and establish widely applicable and reusable toolkits, allowing a variety of universities to build services which promote OA, manage processes and meet funder requirements

Wider Benefits to Sector & Achievements for Host Institution

opeNWorks will develop a North West community of practice for Open Access Publishing,  building on service implementation during the first year of RCUK compliance requirements and block grant funding, developing and adapting guidelines to meet the varying needs of local universities; reducing the burden of compliance and maintaining research excellence.

 opeNWorks will:

  •  Produce a 2013/14 case study during year one of the project
  • Organise 2 workshops with speakers from libraries, publishing and research support offices
  • Host an Open Access conference with an open call for papers and keynote speakers in year 2 of the project
  • Produce a toolkit on funding policy and compliance,
  • Produce a toolkit on the monitoring of research activity
  • Produce a final report at the end of year 2
  • Disseminate results and outputs through a range of media and face to face events

Our publishing partners, Elsevier BV and Manchester University Press will assist us in validating our toolkits from a publisher perspective, and use the project to develop their own processes.

Project Team Relationships

Lead Institution University of Manchester
Project Director Simon Bains
Project Manager Emma Thompson
Associate Institutions Edge Hill University; Liverpool John Moores University; University of Liverpool; University of Salford
Associate Contacts Zoe Clarke; Andrew Barker; David Clay; Val Stevenson
Unfunded Partners Elsevier B.V.; Manchester University Press
Partner Contacts Alicia Wise; Frances Pinter
Openworks Timeline
opeNWorks Project Timeline

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